De Ru

My chess life


I was born on March 21, 1968 in Russia in the city of Vladimir.

From the age of 8 I came to the Youth Sports School in Vladimir, where I studied under the guidance of Boris Nikolayevich Dmitriev.

At the age of 9 years old, I performed the 1st category.

When I was 10, I was invited to the school of the 10th world champion Tigran Petrosyan, where classes were held 2 times a year. There I met the school's methodist Alexander Sergeevich Nikitin (coach of Garry Kasparov), with whom I periodically studied individually.

At the age of 13, my first successes came: I became the champion of the Vladimir region among men (for this I was awarded the title of Candidate Master of Sports) and also won the Russian U-16 championship, ahead of Alexey Dreev by better Tie Break.

Later I trained with Mark Dvoretsky, and I can pass on to you the invaluable experience I received from the best coaches in the world. Among other things, I also have Mark Dvoretsky file-cabinet.

At the age of 17, I graduated from high school and decided to devote one year only to chess, which made it possible in six months to fulfill the norm of the master of sports of the USSR in the championship of the Central Chess Club.

After that I entered the Moscow Sports Academy (chess section), where in 1991 I received a diploma „Chess trainer, chess teacher and chess organizer".

In 1990 I was awarded the title of International Master.

After 2 years, FIDE awarded me the title of International Grandmaster.

I speak German, English, Russian and also a little Spanish.

For many years I have been living in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, and I feel very comfortable here.

Chess achievements

In my travels to 5 continents I have won many international tournaments. The list below is not complete, but it lists the most significant and memorable tournaments.

From 2008 to 2013, I was a member of the German national team.

From 1999 to 2009 I played on the first board for the Tegernsee team in the Bundesliga, then moved to the Wiesbaden 1885 team, which was then playing in the 3rd Bundesliga. We did regular training and then easily rose to the Bundesliga.
After that 3 years I played for the multiple German champion SG Porz in the 2nd Bundesliga. Since 2018 I have been playing for the team from Kiel in the 1st Bundesliga.

   2019  Wiesbadener Schlosspark- Open  Co-winner
   2019  Rhein-Main-Open Bad Homburg  2 place
   2017  Rhein-Main-Open Bad Homburg  Win
   2016  Wiesbadener Schlosspark- Open  Win
   2015  Frankfurt Open Chess Championship  Win
   2014  Wiesbadener Schlosspark- Open  Co-winner
   2014  Hastings Chess Congress  Co-winner
   2014  Hastings Chess Congress  Prize for the most beautiful game
   2013  Wiesbadener Schlosspark- Open  Win
   2013  Germany squad: European Championship
   2013  Frankfurt Open Chess Championship  Win
   2012  German Chess Player of the Year   1 place
   2012  German Individual Chess Championship  2 place
   2012  Chess Olympiad in Istanbul
   2012  Open Internazionale del Salento Ecoresort Le Sirenè  Win
   2012  Frankfurt Open Chess Championship  Win
   2011  German Individual Chess Championship  Win
   2011  Frankfurt Open Chess Championship  Win
   2010  German Individual Chess Championship  2 place
   2010  Rhein-Main-Open Bad Homburg  Win
   2009  Germany squad: European Championship
   2008  Chess Olympiad in Dresden
   2008  Hungary Team Championship  Win
   2008  Open Hesse Rapid Chess Championship  Win
   2007  Rhein-Main-Open Bad Homburg  Win
   2006  Andorra-Open в Андорра-ла-Велья  Win
   2006  Rhein-Main-Open Bad Homburg  Win
   2005  Amsterdam Open  2 place
   2004  Bad Wiessee Open  2 place
   2003  Open championship of Geneva  Win
   2003  Santo Domingo Open Championship  above Svidler and Short
   2002  Open championship of Geneva  Win
   2002  Open Hesse Rapid Chess Championship  Win
   2000  Chess League of Four Nations, Team  Win
   1998  Open championship of Geneva  Win
   1998  Poland Team Championship  Win
   1997  Poland Team Championship  Win
   1996  Open championship of Geneva  Win
   1994  Open championship of Geneva  Win
   1991  Paris Open Championship  Win