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Individual training

Individual lessons or individual coaching have been recognized as the best form of training to increasing personal strength in the game.

After the first hours of consultation, the training plan is drawn up and suggested, it's based on personal chess weaknesses and inclinations.

This method was successfully used by the Soviet chess school (Dvoretsky, Nikitin and others).

The prepared development plan can be implemented independently, with periodic amendments, or in close cooperation with the trainer.

Priority can be given to short-term goals (for example, preparing for an upcoming opponent), or medium-term and long-term goals (for example, reaching a certain ELO level).

Also, the lesson plan may contain a specific topic (for example, specific opening variations, type of endgame, type of middlegame positions, etc.).

Preparatory seminars for upcoming opponents can help you to achieve your goals. Also, in small groups can be analyzed individual mistakes in previously played games.

Team and club training

Chess is also a team sport and as an experienced team player, I can provide your team and club with valuable advice to help you to achieve your sporting goals.

Many companies or sports clubs, large or small, know that regular joint events increase team cohesion and increase productivity.

At joint seminars, it is more effective to learn and the person learns to “think” better together with his teammates, in order to ultimately ensure the success of the entire team.

Liven up the evening at your club for which you can suggest a specific lesson topic. Don't wait for competitors to outrun you!

Chess travel: combine vacation and training

For several years now, I have been offering chess players who love to travel and who are ambitious in chess at the same time, "training in travel" in small groups.

By focusing on the most important points, your chess skill level can be dramatically improved in a very short time frame.

Try it! You can find out more in the section Chess & Travel

Simultaneous sessions

Is it your anniversary? Or just want to host an unusual event in your city?

A good way to thank someone is by inviting them to a simultaneous session. Or you can turn your open tournament into a chess festival by offering an additional program.

I will be glad to help you with this!


(some feedbacks are translated from other languages)

I am always glad to receive feedback from those with whom we have cooperated or continue to cooperate:

"I started training with Igor at the age of 58 with a DWZ (German Chess Rating) of 1820, and before I had to give up tournament chess at the age of 63, I went up to DWZ 2038. This was possible under unfavorable conditions, such as cancer and the death of a beloved woman, her progressive disease with an unfavorable prognosis, all this made me quit my job at the age of 61. To every chess player who, in addition to their chess lessons, will follow Igor's recommendations, I highly recommend him. I enjoyed his unconditional love for chess and his high competence, even if it was difficult sometimes. But it was always clear that he was not using his humor against me. It was always my mistakes that hurt his love of chess. This is how a coach should be!"

Frankfurt am Main, January 2017

Hans-Peter Roggensack

Another student writes:

"With grandmaster Igor Khenkin in Mallorca
From March 21 to March 29, 2016, I was allowed to join five other chess players for a training trip with International Grandmaster Khenkin, who has an original certificate as a coach of the former Soviet Union and who worked for several years with the then young, future world champion GM Kramnik.
Upon arrival in Mallorca, Mr. Igor Khenkin personally met, greeted, and drove us to the hotel. The hotel Bella Playa In Cala Ratjada had a free wellness center, an indoor pool, sauna, solarium, and gym come to mind. Also of course the obligatory outdoor pool. The package offered by Mr. Khenkin included half board.
The buffet was exceptionally good. Even for vegetarians like me the choice of food was good. The hotel staff were very helpful and friendly.

Mr. Khenkin trained us twice for two hours, four hours a day. Teaching in the traditions of the Russian chess school included: the rules of tactical and positional assessment of the position were presented and worked out in detail, so that you can use them in your games; there were also visualization exercises. So systematic and intense that I had never imagined training before. Igor Khenkin also made a pleasant trip with us, during which we were able to admire several sights and beaches of Majorca. I also made some new friends.
I will definitely come again as soon as I have time."


"The chess trip with Grandmaster Igor Khenkin was a very special experience!
4-star hotel and restaurant - all taken into account, as well as a beautiful beach within walking distance. The combination of recreation and training was well balanced.

Grandmaster Igor Khenkin is a very strong and experienced teacher. As his students, we have learned the unique knowledge and experience of the famous Soviet chess school."

Karl Teile

Are these offers free?

Unfortunately, it's not, but still available! The base hourly rate is 80 euros and decreases with the number of hours of classes. When ordering 20 hours of classes at once, the cost of an hour will be 70 euros (20 hours = 1400 euros). Please use Contacts and we can discuss individual proposals.

Thank you for your attention and interest!


international grandmaster Igor Khenkin